Just like in Johannesburg Cape Town is somewhat new in the street art scene. Most street art in Cape Town can be found in Woodstock, one of the oldest suburbs of the city. The formerly run-down neighborhood has reinvented itself as a hipster haven.

Like in many other cities where new hubs of street culture, art and design emerge, street art has become an integral part of the creative scene. Since 2010 many a wall in Woodstock has been used as a canvas by local and international artists, one of the themes being the need to protect local wildlife.

Social change through art

street art in Cape Town

We did a 1,5 hour street art tour starting at the Woodstock Exchange by Malawi born Cape Town resident Juma Mkwele, an artist himself and a member of the Woodstock art community. His aim is to inspire social change through art, which he also tries to achieve in the Khayelitsha township west of Cape Town.

street art in Cape Town

Although the murals in Cape Town on a whole showed less artistic quality than we have seen elsewhere it was still great to do the tour with Juma providing the necessary context. We found some other pieces of street art in District Six, near the intersection of Constitution Street and Canterbury Street.

Street art in Cape Town – Woodstock

Street art in Cape Town – District Six

We looked for street art in Cape Town in November 2016


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