The city of Georgetown on Penang is best known for its Unesco World Heritage listed British colonial historic center. But the old city has a very contemporary side as well. In recent years street art has popped up all over the city, creating a fun way to both explore the history of the city and see some really great street art while doing it (or the other way around).

Marking George Town

Georgetown Penang Malaysia

It all began with the Marking George Town project commissioned in 2009 by the Penang Tourism Board. Wrought-iron caricatures tell something about the history of the street it is located in. In 2012 Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic painted Mirror George Town, a collection of murals, incorporating props like a bicycle or motorbike, within the inner city.

Since then more and more pieces of wall art have been added. You’ll find pieces by artists like Natthapon Muankliang (Thailand), Louise Low, Tang Yeok Khang, Reggie Lee, Tang Mun Kian, Julian ‘Lefty’ Kam and Baba Chuah. But there are many more. It’s fun to find them by just wandering around the city.

Georgetown, Penang street art maps

Georgetown Penang Malaysia

Those wanting a little bit more structure exploring Georgetown, Penang street art (or don’t want to miss the most important pieces) can pick up the street art map issued by Penang’s tourism board (click here for a pfd of the brochure with map) or follow the routes on any of the other maps handed out by guesthouses and souvenir shops. Each map has different pieces of street art.

When we visited Georgetown in August 2013 there were already many great pieces of street art to be found, so we can’t imagine what has been added in the meantime. The pictures of Georgetown Penang street art in this post are all from 2013. Most pieces of art will be still there and from what we can gather they’re still in a very good condition.

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